In Vehicle Infotainment

Infotainment has been an exceptional core key expertise of Pi Square Technologies. HMI and Infotainment systems play a crucial in offering a seamless journey for the drivers as well as the passengers present in the vehicle. Developing next-gen infotainment systems without creating an environment of driver distraction has been a pioneering challenge for the industry.

Our consulting expertise include

  • Linux based software development for infotainment platforms
  • IoT based applications for infotainment
  • Development of voice recognition systems
  • User authentication technologies

Connected Vehicles

Connected vehicles have seen a dramatic change in the way of it’s newer architecture development and the processes in implementing it. We have continuously improved our processes of innovation in order to cater the futuristic and upcoming trends of the industry in connected vehicles.

Our consulting expertise include

  • On-board diagnostics for all vehicle types
  • Vehicle information management system
  • Android, Wifi, NFC based connected platform development
  • User authentication technologies

Active Safety, ADAS

Pi Square Technologies develops, tests and integrates all the ADAS systems according to the industry standards.

Our consulting expertise includes the following

  • Data Annotation & Labelling (2 Dimensional, 3 Dimensional)
  • Functional safety
  • Virtual reproduction utilizing manufactured information
  • Multi-core engineering

OTA & Cyber Security

Cyber security has become one of the most important aspects of the society. We as an organization have clearly identified the key aspects of technologies being developed in this secure ecosystem of cyber security.

Our consulting expertise includes the following

  • Software development for device based geotechnological tracking
  • Strategy formulation for risk assessment and endpoint investigations
  • Talent support for mobile application management, unified endpoint management

Certification Testing

The increasing complexity in the development of software-based automotive systems and a share of the software at more than 50% of the added value of a vehicle lead to a growing importance of testing of software-based automotive systems in vehicles. We work to accelerate safety standards compliance with automated static & dynamic software testing tools.

Automotive DevOps

Product life cycle management has played a crucial role in any industry. In the rapidly changing automotive industry life cycle management is extremely important to optimize the time to market for any solution. In this innovative area of product development, we have innovated our own innovative way of Devops.

Our consulting expertise include

  • Agile software development
  • End-to-end orchestration of the DevOps pipeline
  • Process oriented optimization strategy for configuration management, continuous integration, and automated testing
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