Connected Vehicle Technologies

Connectivity is set to end up a convincing feature of the worldwide auto market throughout the following five years, driving to a business sector worth €39 billion by 2020, as indicated by figures from examination firm SBD and versatile industry body the GSMA.  In general terms, an associated auto is a street vehicle furnished with three arrangements of correspondences frameworks: Internet access, and (for the most part) additionally an inner system, typically remote, which empowers the auto to route its association access (infrequently known as vehicle-to-Internet, or V2I) to different gadgets that are introduced inside – and potentially outside – of the vehicle. Close by these regularly there is the CAN transport (on the other hand comparative) used to interconnect the range of ECUs, sensors and actuators that now shape a portion of a vehicle’s internal electronic workings. Progressively, such autos are fitted with particular innovations that connection into the Web access or inner system to give extra driver advantages: programmed notice of impacts, notice of exorbitant speeding, and other security and safety alarms.

Benefits of Vehicle connectivity

  • Additional point of transaction for consumer purchases (products and services).
  • Consumer preference – embedded communications enhance in-vehicle driver-passenger experience
  • Electric vehicle functions (such as mileage/range tracking, plus value-added EV services for optimising range and delivering charging point information)
  • Mandated legislation; mandated regulatory communications-based services, such as eCall*
  • Non-mandated communications-based services (navigation tools, traffic flow updates, parking apps)
  • New unique selling point to sustain car sales – and their contribution to GNP
  • Remote diagnostics for servicing/predictive maintenance
  • ‘Smart’ vehicle insurance systems and services that uses vehicle data to adjust premiums
  • Stolen vehicle tracking and recovery
  • Telemetry – for commercial applications