Cyber Security

In the auto industry Cyber security is a top priority and the industry is expediting towards it to enhance the security features. As the OEM play’s major role.

The challenge for OEMs is simple: it is not a case of ‘if’ the car will get hacked, it’s ‘when’ it will get hacked, and how bad will it be

Cyber security is a tremendously faced off regarding part of the emerging Internet of Things, particularly given pernicious operators’ inclination to follow the market opportunity’: as they turn out to be more numerous, connected cars would likely represent another expansion to the cyberattackers’ extending hit-rundown of prospective targets. This may sound conjectural, yet some car OEM’s have recognized that they are considering the likelihood important and finding a way to guard ‘vehicle PC frameworks’ against it . As the important aspect of OTA is Over 50% of recalls can be eliminated by through it .