Lattix Architect

Lattix Architect is a flagship product. It is in use by development teams, systems architects, designers, and quality personnel in 29 countries around the world.

Lattix enables you to quickly identify and remediate architectural issues. It gives software architects a fast and visual way to represent an application’s architecture with the Dependency Structure Matrix technology. This gives insight into how different software layers interact and can identify potentially undesirable relationships that exist in the code. Our desktop base platform integrates with your development tools, making architecture checking a seamless part of your development process. Lattix Architect is the competitive advantage you need to development, build, and test at the speed of DevOps. With Lattix you can:

  • Understand your large, complex software architecture
  • Define or refactor your architecture
  • Continuously check the quality of your architecture
  • Protect design patterns from degradation


Resolve Challenges in: