Power Platform Consulting

Power Platform Consulting

Pi-Square Technologies consulting services includes all five diverse products (Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agent, Power BI, and Power Pages) in Power Platform for effective business automations & integrations.

Microsoft Power Platform: Complete Project Consulting


Power Apps

Create and deploy custom web & mobile applications with low-code or no-code for effective company data operations & management. The platform is versatile and can power a variety of business processes, such as customer service, accounting, marketing, manufacturing, etc. Our power platform functional consultants can also help businesses configure, maintain & enhance their power applications. Pi-Square teams work with you to develop a plan that meets your specific needs & goals while delivering the best possible return on investment. 


Power Automate

Instantly connect to hundreds of apps and services with multi-stage, robotic business process automation. Using the Power Automate tool, enterprises can create custom workflows that run in both Windows & Azure. Automating processes & optimizing performances saves a lot of time & money. The software also enables you to create dynamic dashboards to derive detailed information about your business.

Power Virtual Agent

With the growing demand for virtualized infrastructure and cloud-based applications, firms are turning to Microsoft Azure to deliver their solutions. Azure provides a zero-code, robust solution to quickly build, manage, and deploy virtual machines (VMs) & apps. Additionally, Azure offers business-centric services for seamless interactions with virtual machines. One such service is the Power Virtual Agent. Power Virtual Agent enables administrators to manage power profiles for individual VMs/complete clusters. It helps to optimize the VM resources, resulting in improved performance. With PVA, businesses can also build chatbots to engage & converse seamlessly with customers & employees.


Power BI

Looking for a solution that helps digitize and manage your data smartly? Then, look no further than Microsoft’s Power BI platform. It is a powerful solution that can help transform your organization into an agile, data-driven business. With Power BI, you can create stunning, interactive, real-time dashboards & reports for rich data display & niche insights.


Power Pages

Develop, design, and implement your Power Pages website with Pi-Square. One of the best features of the platform. It helps enterprises to create custom pages on the go. Enterprises can design theme-based/custom pages specifically for their web application; rather than the pre-designed, standard templates. With Power Pages, businesses can also quickly create impressive pages that mirrors their website style.

Our Service Offerings

Transform your apps into state-of-the-art solutions; that is both secure and scalable. Get all the tools to create new & robust, industry-specific applications. With Pi-Square, businesses can quickly migrate their legacy onsite data to modern cloud & mobile apps, import/export business data, define processes, build custom user interfaces & achieve seamless integration with other Microsoft technologies, such as Dynamics 365, Power platform, Azure Cloud & Office 365. 

Improve your team efficiency & decrease the workload with Pi-Square. We build custom applications that handle all your enterprise paper processing needs, such as scanning & sending documents to other agencies, tracking forms & records, etc. Pi-Square power platform functional consultants can help create automated systems that operate in tandem – with your current data processing tools. We also help businesses in their digital transformation at every level. Our consultants will work with you to create a plan tailored to your specific needs. 

Quickly automate your industry processes across all apps and services & smartly integrate new technologies into existing processes. Integrating Microsoft platforms such as Office 365 & Dynamics 365, Power Platform into your business – enhances performance & efficiency and enables better internal communication. Trigger activities, issue permissions, and receive notifications from right where you work.

Harness the full potential of your data. Explore valuable features such as data modelling, auto-scaling, integrating disparate systems, and streamlining analysis. Gain a consolidated view of your company through a single pane of glass. Our power platform functional consultants offer all the guidance and support to design and execute applications, data warehouses, and analytics solutions. Our power platform governance can help you create innovative solutions on the web and mobile devices for enhanced business performance.