CANTATA : Automated C and C++ unit testing

Cantata is a unit and integration testing tool, enabling developers to verify standard compliant or business critical code on host native and embedded target platforms.

All the testing requirements for safety standards are met faster and cheaper by automating:

  • Test framework generation
  • Test case generation
  • Test execution
  • Results diagnostics and report generation

Cantata is integrated with an extensive set of embedded development tool chains, from compilers to build and requirements management tools. The Eclipse GUI, tight tool integrations and tests written in the source C/C++ code, all make Cantata easy to use.

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Cantata meets the dynamic testing requirements of software safety standards. It is a single solution for dynamic unit and integration testing on host and target platforms. 

Certification of development tools can be a heavy compliance cost burden. Cantata has been independently certified by SGS-TÜV SAAR GmbH and provides a tool certification kit with everything needed out-of-the-box, available free of charge.  

Understanding how to comply with software safety standards is complex and time consuming. Comprehensive guidance is provided free of charge for using the full feature set in Cantata to meet dynamic testing requirements of specific standards. This combination of guidance and Cantata capabilities accelerates the achievement of standards compliance. 

Product recalls and infection of the wider brand and corporate reputations can far exceed the development cost of each application. Unit testing is the most thorough way to test application code and prevent bugs within shipped devices. Project over-runs can be mitigated by shifting verification effort to the earliest stages in the software development lifecycle. This reduces the risks of delays during later testing stages because unit tested components are easier and more predictable to integrate. Fitness for purpose litigation against companies and individuals is now an increasing risk. Where companies fail to employ accepted industry practices such as thorough unit testing with Cantata, they cannot use the “state of the art” legal defense against such litigation.
Testing earlier lowers costs by minimizing code re-work later in the development lifecycle. Developers can identify defects with Cantata unit and integration testing as soon as each component is available. The high cost of standards compliant unit and integration testing can be dramatically lowered through automation. Satisfying the dynamic testing requirements of safety standards is accelerated by Cantata automation of:
  • Test framework generation
  • Test execution on host or target
  • Test case generation
  • Results diagnostics and report generation
Integrating tools into a toolchain can add hidden testing costs. Cantata’s tight integration with cross-compilation environments and its intuitive C/C++ code tests in Eclipse® GUI or code editors make it easy to slot into any toolchain. These integrations lower the tool learning curve and accelerate the testing activity, lowering overall testing costs.
Industry leaders recognize the need to ship faster without endangering quality. Cantata tests provide two key time advantages for development managers:
  • Team collaboration and efficiency is improved with structured consistent tests and certification ready reports.
  • Integration times are shorter and more predictable when integrating individually proven software components.
Cantata installs on Windows® and Linux® host operating systems, with a Built-onEclipse® IDE or as an Eclipse-Ready® plug-in set. It supports GCC and Microsoft Developer Studio® compilers, and is also integrated with an extensive set of embedded development toolchains:
  • IDEs / RTOSs
  • Cross-compilers
  • Debuggers
  • Build / Continuous Integration
  • Software Configuration Management
  • Requirements Management
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