Medical Devices

Remote Patient Monitoring Hardware Solution


  • Real time monitoring of vitals – Heart Rate, SpO2, BP, Body Temperature
  • Patient history on fingertips
  • Multiple patient configurations
  • Insights and preventive care
  • Emergency Notifications
  • Non-Invasive Probe
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Secure cloud architecture for data transfer with compliance to ISO 27001 and HL7 – FHIR Standards

Medical Devices Software – Ensure IEC 62304 compliance

Pi Square Technologies is a priority partner of QA Systems GmbH for automated static analysis and software testing tools. Software is increasingly used within Medical Devices as they become more complex and enable bio-science advancements to the healthcare market.

Software Quality for Medical Devices

  • Real Time OS application development.
  • Driver Development
  • Functional Verification and Validation
  • Static Code Analysis and Code Compliance.

Medical Devices Standards

  • IEC 62304: Medical device software – software life cycle processes
  • MISRA C/C++: Guidelines for the use of the C/C++ languages in critical systems
  • CERT C/C++: Secure Coding Standard

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Health Care IT Solution

Below are the nine capabilities that are enabled through our three provider-centric customer scenarios. All of this is built with the desired outcome of delivering better patient experience, delivering better insights that drive positive change, and overall better care—across the entire care continuum.